Neo-Romantic Landscape Gallery


These original landscapes present a different meaning and significance for each individual. The lonely soul inspires the viewer to bring themselves into the work, and place themselves in a unique world only they can see and understand.

Each moment captured evokes emotions that are unique to the person caught in that space and time, making each piece as unique as the person who stares into these turbulent landscapes. The deeper meaning here is not found within the art, but rather, within yourself.

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The Portrait Process


The Artist offers a complete Portrait experience, from photography all the way to the final, completed Painting. He will work from provided photographs or digital files, but nothing can compare to the experience of sitting for the artist and allowing him to work with you, or your loved one, to preserve that perfect moment. There is so much more to it than posing!

Capturing the true beauty that emanates from the subject takes an experienced eye and someone who takes the time to learn about the individual, and allows them to express themselves in a way that they are comfortable with.

Everyone who has worked with this artist has gone away feeling liberated and excited by the results of the experience. It should be unique, fun and just a bit magical.

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On the Easel


This area of the site gives you a glimpse into the styles and techniques used in the creation of these works of Art. Watch the progression from blank canvas to finished artwork, and gain an understanding of the passion that goes into every aspect of the process.

If you have commissioned a piece, you can watch the step-by-step creation of your personal masterpiece, and interact with the artist as a one-of-a-kind original work is created just for you.

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Commission a Work of Art


There is nothing I enjoy more than working with a Collector to realize their visions within my work. I am very passionate about the artwork speaking the language of the viewer, and to be able to bring someone’s ideas or feelings to life in a tangible way is truly a wonderful opportunity for both of us”

I am always interested in working on commission to create works of art just for you, a friend or family member, or even for your business. I have spent over 30 years bringing people’s ideas and visions to life, whether it be through advertising and media pieces, or through my Fine Arts. I understand how to listen, and to hear the thoughts that fall between the words, revealing the real message that individual is trying to communicate.

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Prints and Accessories


DJ Fedeli offers a wide variety of print options through a highly reputable vendor partner, Fine Art America.

Standard Prints can be made on a variety of Museum-quality Papers, including Archival Matte Paper, Glossy Photo Paper, Luster Photo Paper, Semi-Matte Photo Paper, Picture Rag, Somerset Velvet and Watercolor Paper. Framing is also offered, with over 250 different frames to choose from.

Prints are also available on a variety of different substrates, including Stretched Canvas, Acrylic and Metal.

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